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The KOHCI 2020 Fast Directives

The fast will last for twenty one days, beginning on Monday, October 12th at 12:00 a.m. and will continue through Sunday, November 1st at 12:01 a.m.

The fast will last for twenty one days, beginning on Monday, October 12th at 12:00 a.m. and will continue through Sunday, November 1st at 12:01 a.m. During these twenty one days, we will be focusing on the specific areas that the Holy Spirit has revealed to us (you the individual, the church, and the nation). During the first 4 days of the week, all Kingdom citizens are urged to spend a minimum of 2 hours in scripture reading and 2 hours of prayer and meditation. The following 3 days of each week will be spent in thanksgiving and praise for what God is doing. Thanksgiving and praise keeps you focused on the end result while helping you refrain from focusing on and taking possession of negative thoughts. It is imperative that while fasting, you continue to nourish your spirit with the Word of God. Use the scriptures to develop and embrace your desired mental picture in your mind. Praying and spending time in the Word while fasting will strengthen you and enhance your relationship with the Lord. The instructions are as follows:

*Foods to avoid:

  • Fried Foods

  • Beef

  • Pork

  • Breads

  • Desserts or Candies

  • Refrain from eating any FAST FOOD or at ANY Restaurant Establishments

  • Avoid eating after 8 pm or 3 1/2 hours before bed time


  • Limit drink intake to water or 100% juice only with the exception of coffee or tea no more than 2 times per day (with natural sweeteners)

  • Avoid carbonated drinks

*Special note:

  • Limit television and social network viewing per day

  • Refrain from evil, corrupt, or negative speaking

***Take communion with your dinner meal (this may consist of bread or crackers & grape juice)

***For the remainder of the year all KOHCI members and partners are urged to fast at least once per week

The Prayer Objectives are as follows:

*Week 1: - This week is designated to focusing on you the individual to:

  • Be strengthened with might in your inner man for spiritual strength is for your heart and soul to be empowered to do the work that we have been called to; Activate and flow the gifts and callings that Holy Spirit has endowed you with; Resist temptations and endure any persecution that may come; Pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God.

*** (Ephesians 3:16-20; Ephesians 1:17- 19; Romans 11:29)

*Week 2: - This week is designated to focusing on the church to:

  • Be united as one body with one mind (Kingdom mindset); Raise the spiritual temperature of the church (Revive us); Refine us so that we become the expression of Jesus in this world; Increase our willingness to be led by Holy Spirit; Increase the use of spiritual gifts in our church; Eagerly desire spiritual gifts that help us use what we’ve received to serve others and faithfully administer God’s grace—whatever form that takes; Exercise our gifts in love; Pray for the salvation of souls-laborers to bring in the Harvest of souls.

*** (Ephesians 4:30; 1 Thessalonians 5:19; Acts 7:51; Psalm 143:10; Galatians 5:25;

2 Corinthians 3:17; Galatians 5:18; Romans 8:6; 1 Corinthians 14:1;

1 Corinthians 12:4-7; 1 Peter 4:10; 2 Timothy 1:6

*Week 3: - This week is designated to focusing on the nation to:

  • • Complete our upcoming elections without corruption; Pray for the victors of the election to be those whom the Lord has ordained and commissioned to lead our nation; Unify our government leaders to work for the greater good of our country without personal agendas; Pray for equality to reign in our nation; Dismantle racial, social, and economic injustice; Pray for the protection of our nation’s borders; Protect our military members; Promote businesses ownership and employment and economic growth.

*** (Psalm 33:10-12; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Proverbs 29:2; 1Timothy 2:1, 2)

Pastors William & LaQuita Miles

(The Kingdom of Heaven Church International)

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