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Be thankful! Be grateful! God made a way for you even when you couldn't see your way! You may have been healed from sickness or disease. You may have had children be rescued from a life of chaos or destruction. You may have even seen God show up in your finances just when your money was running low and you thought you were going to run out. Some of you have been snatched out of and saved from car accidents or some type of death sentence! So today, my assignment is to remind you to give thanks in ALL THINGS because GOD MADE A WAY and HE IS STILL MAKING WAYS! Even in that marriage or relationship God is active in it right now! God is perfecting everything that concerns you! He does not begin anything He does not finish!! God began a GOOD WORK in you and He is watching over your life to make sure it is performed! COMPLETED! Believe and trust me when I say today that you are BECOMING who you ought to be! As you listen to this song today continue to declare, HE MADE A WAY! MY GOD HAS MADE A WAY! SO I'M NOT WORRIED ABOUT IT BECAUSE HE'S ALREADY MADE A WAY! ~Pastor LJ

Click the link below to listen to the song on Youtube: (He Made A Way)


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