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Our Leaders

"The Kingdom Of Heaven Church International welcomes you to a safe place to heal, to be delivered, and to grow. At The KOHCI, you will be empowered by a true and authentic Word from the Lord. We are dedicated to making your worship experience life-changing. Come and gather with the Champions, practically gain knowledge and understanding of the Word of God,  and experience the extravagant dimensions of Christ's love, while becoming a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself. We are Carriers of the Kingdom of the Most High God! Continue to help us transform the world and manifest the Kingdom! "

William and LaQuita are the founders and Pastors of The Kingdom of Heaven Church International, a nondenominational church located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Their determination is to fulfill the Great Commission by demonstrating the Spirit and the power of God to the world. Their authentic style of preaching and teaching creates a safe atmosphere for all people to unify and to hear and experience the true Gospel preached. William and LaQuita strongly believe that it is essential that every Believer must know and understand that the Kingdom of Heaven comes to live and rule within their hearts at the moment they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They are committed to training and equipping a community of Believers to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel, by transforming their thinking into a “Kingdom mindset.”

William and LaQuita teach and preach the Word of God with clarity, understanding, passion and boldness while training and equipping Believers to make the Word of God their final authority and to live as Kingdom Citizens, experiencing life on earth just as it is in Heaven. Pastors William and LaQuita understand the necessity for every Believer to be anchored in the areas of faith, family, and finances. They are known for releasing prophetic words of exact knowledge, wisdom, present truth, and for uncompromising messages of faith, love, hope, healing, and grace.  Both Pastor William and LaQuita are much sought-after authors, teachers of marriage wholeness and influential leaders in the power and demonstration of the healing power of God to those who are sick or hurting. 

Pastor WG Miles
Pastor William Miles

"The Church has transitioned into
The Age Of Kingdom and every Believer
has the responsibility of becoming the
living proof that Jesus is Lord by
demonstrating the Spirit and the power of God!"

- Pastor WG Miles

Carrier Spinning Globe
Pastor LaQuita Miles

"It’s time to move with the flow of the Kingdom of God by allowing supernatural power to flow-from God, in you, and through you-becoming a body wholly and fully flooded with God Himself until His power has no choice but to flow out from you to all whom you come into contact with!"

- Pastor LJ Miles

Carrier Spinning Globe

"We hold the responsibility to transform the world and manifest the Kingdom of God, while making it obvious, noticeable and apparent that we are the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. We cannot be stopped, we will not be moved, and we will not walk in fear or doubt!"

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