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“Stay Your Course!"

Prophetic Word: Spoken By Pastor WG Miles | 28 February 2021

“God is saying, Don’t fall back! Don’t go back to your old way of thinking! I brought you out of Egypt to free you! To restore you! To renew you! To strengthen you! In spite of everything that is going on, this past year and going forward, don’t give up! Some of you feel like giving up where, in a place where it’s easy to give up, it’s easy to cave in, it’s easy to quit if you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Amen!

And so He is saying, Don’t fall back and don’t give up and He is saying in spite of everything that is going on, He is here!”

“The Lord is saying, Be mindful of the things that you are speaking in your life because He’s going to honor your words. You have to speak what it is you really believe so you have to ask yourself the question, Do I really believe God? Do I really believe what He has said? “

“God is saying, Don’t get weary and stay the course with Him! Amen! Be mindful of the words that you are speaking because the words that you speak He has to honor Amen! And if you are not speaking the life that comes out of the Word of God, Hallelujah, you are speaking death which is opposite of the will of God for your life!”

“God is saying, Stay the course because He’s going to fulfill every promise that has been made to you and for you!”

“God is saying, Don’t despise your small beginnings! There are some of you that have had small beginning and you haven’t seen the abundance of fruit manifest and it’s caused you to get weary because you haven’t seen the business flourish like you thought, the ministry flourishing like you thought, but God is still with you! He is working on you!”

“Now that you are on a solid ground, now that your roots are established in your earth, in your ground, Hallelujah, and there is a constant flow of nourishment coming through your roots Hallelujah, the seed that was planted, God is saying, It’s about to grow up, it’s about to manifest His glory! You’re about to experience the beauty of His Word that you planted in your heart! Hallelujah! So, although it is a small beginning, you can only see the bud Hallelujah! God is saying, don’t give up! Although you feel like you’ve experienced a drought, Hallelujah, because nothing has happened, Hallelujah, God is saying, Don’t give up, Hallelujah!

“Embedded in your heart, you may appear to be at the small beginning, at the low part of the totem pole! You may appear that you’re all by yourself, Hallelujah! It may not appear that your business is going to flourish and prosper! It may not appear that the promotion is coming Hallelujah! But God is saying, Don’t give up! Don’t fall back Hallelujah! Continue in faith in Him! Continue in your Word with Him, Hallelujah! Don’t give up!

“So, your season of drought, Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus, is now over! Your season of feeling that God hasn’t answered your prayer, it is now over!

“And so as we transition out of February, the 59th day of the year into day 60, Hallelujah, the first of March, God is saying that March should be the month of intense and deep prayer and meditation! Hallelujah! And in your intense deep prayer and meditation, there will become declaration! Hallelujah! And the declaration will cause the Word of God, not only to be rooted and grounded in your heart, Hallelujah, but the spoken word, the word that you are declaring is the word that’s going to produce the harvest Hallelujah! And so as you go through March, God is calling for you to enter into Hallelujah an intense prayer life! And some of you are saying, I have been praying but God is saying intense! This is the Lord speaking! And He’s saying intense prayer will cause, Hallelujah, a true meditation to take place in your life! And as you pray and meditate and believe God and declare God’s Word Hallelujah, the latter rain will come in the month of April, Hallelujah! And the latter rain that will come is going to produce the overflow and the abundance and the harvest that you’ve been believing God for! So, stay your course! Thank You Jesus! Don’t give up! Don’t give up because you haven’t seen anything yet! Don’t be the one that falls back and falls by the wayside! Don’t turn back to depending on relationships and titles and positions in the Kingdom because it doesn’t work!”

Pastor WG Miles

(The Kingdom of Heaven Church International)

Stay Your Course Prophetic Word WG Miles
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