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JANUARY 1, 2021


As Believers of Christ, enlightenment allows us to understand each phase, shift or move of God more clearly and enables us to flow with God more easily! Let me first be clear that the type of enlightenment that I am speaking of is not that of intellectualism or of man’s philosophy or scientific ideas or mysticism! The Bible provides a clear distinction between the two realms of flow and serves as a foundation of Truth, exemplifying the source of the Believer’s reliance of anointing and power. It is necessary to discuss this because there is an enemy who will attempt to hijack or seize the very words of the Kingdom of God and make use of them by twisting or snaking God’s exact words in an attempt to make them appropriate to his agenda.

Today you must know that the enlightenment that flows through the Word of God to the Believer defies and is not reliant on the natural 5 physical senses. Every thought, idea, wisdom, and decision transferred from God are those that are driven by the Word and the Spirit of God! God picked us out for Himself as His own to be the praise of His glory and through the blood of Jesus we are loaded with every type of understanding, insight, knowledge, and instruction that is necessary for abundant life! We are endowed with the endless energy and boundless strength of Christ to walk in victory and power every day. This knowledge poured upon us is what then makes known to us the secrets of His will and His plans and purposes for our lives and for mankind with focus and clarity. It is only in and through Christ that we really come to know and understand who we are and what our life here on earth is really about. God has granted to us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the deep and intimate knowledge of Him through the enlightenment of the eyes of our heart becoming flooded with light. Knowing Him personally is what makes us intelligent and able to discern the times we are faced with. We are the Chosen, the Elect equipped with the ability to understand the greatness of His power because of our belief in the demonstration of His mighty works. This demonstration was effective in Christ and became a reality when He rose from the dead. When Jesus began His ministry and came onto the scene, He came preaching to the present age that the Kingdom had come and to be well aware and conscious of that time and if not, change the way you think about what is going on. Likewise, the time is here and the time is now for the Sons and Daughters of Christ to walk in the full understanding of the Kingdom of God.



I open my heart to receive from Your glorious riches and unlimited resources to strengthen & empower me with Your might by Your Spirit in my inner being.

My heart is the dwelling place for Christ. By faith I am rooted and grounded in Your love.

Because of that, I am fully and

capable to experience Your amazing, endless love; so that I may come to know through practical experience the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge without experience.


thank You for filling me throughout all of my being with the fullness of You so that I may have the richest experience of Your presence in my life, completely filled and fully flooded with You Yourself.

Now Lord, carry out all of Your purpose and do superabundantly more than all I dare to ask or think, infinitely beyond my greatest prayer according to Your power that is constantly at work in me.

In Jesus Name,



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