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Moving With The Flow Of The Age Of The Kingdom

It is crucial that the Believer:

  • Continue to focus on the Word and rely on the promises of God FIRST

  • Return back to the basics and the foundation of faith=Scripturally sound=sober of mind

  • Become lovers of the Word of God-welcome it

  • Get on board with the Holy Spirit

  • Let the Holy Spirit shape the narrative of your life and focus less on the cares of the world


  • Intensify your prayer life-be intentional-pray in tongues more

  • Know and prioritize God’s plan for your life

  • Finish strong-do not be slothful or procrastinate

  • Do not settle, substitute or accept standards that go against the Word of God

  • Be the Living Proof that Jesus is real

  • Be mindful of how you respond during times of preparation-it will determine your next move (beliefs, attitude, focus, consistency)

  • Testify of Jesus’ greatness and change lives

  • Do not operate out of God’s order or timing unprepared or in old wineskin

  • Change the way you think –Seek God’s way of doing things first-SET YOUR MIND AND KEEP IT SET!

  • Expect there to be a “surge” of souls coming into the Kingdom (the reality) =a generation

  • Become mature in relationships

  • Study and mature in the area sowing and reaping God’s way

  • Let peace rule over your life as an umpire-calling all the shots

  • Be consistent with self-care, self-maintenance and preparation

  • Continue to be alert of the necessity of emergency preparedness (water, nonperishable items, food, medications)


on this knowledge as a SUPERSTRUCTURE!- Rely on this reality to hold you up

and to carry you into the new year, this AGE of Kingdom, into this NEW

DIMENSION of your life in Christ as you.....

Transform the world and manifest the Kingdom!

Pastors WG & LJ Miles

(The Kingdom of Heaven Church International)

Moving With The Flow Of The Age Of The K
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